Bir Lisan was established to help your foreign language learning process with its qualified education staff, modern understanding of education and interactive learning methods in order to find solutions to all these problems. As Bir Lisan, our main goal is to motivate our students to improve their foreign languages ​​by providing the most efficient learning methods, to make the foreign language learning process interactive and fun…


Birlisan Language Education Limited Company

It is estimated that English is spoken as a foreign language by about one billion people worldwide. Although there is a direct relationship between the English proficiency of the country’s population and its economic performance, only 17% of the population of Turkey can speak English and the majority of this rate consists of those who have a basic level of English. Bir Lisan Language Education Ltd. Şti was established with the idea of ​​closing this gap and providing quality English education.



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Opportunity to take one-on-one lessons from our native English-speaking instructors